Christos Pavlou architecture studio was founded by Christos Pavlou in 2003 and is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Is a small studio but we do know how to take care of our clients in a very personal and friendly manner. Our practice is focused on housing, commercial as well as interior architecture.

We listen, we search, we learn, we design. We are aware of and sensible to the environment, the land parameters, the specific site views, the climate conditions and the needs of our customers. Our projects are distinguished by their formal simplicity, the integration of inside-outside, the contrasting realities and the in-between zones. Our architecture is driven by the need of solving a complex program in a simple and clear manner. Our language is based on define, simple forms aiming to express the collective memory of a specific culture. Having said that forms do not always provide ready-made solutions but they are rediscovered during the design process. It is a stage by stage approach which allows the build-up of different special relationships and smooth transitions between spaces. Energy efficiency, automation technology, sustainability and ecological designs are part of our working procedure.

Selective Awards – New European Bauhaus awards 2021 finalist, nominated by the European commission –  Best of year design Honoree award 2020 by Interior Design Magazine (New York) – Jury and public winner Architizer awards 2020, New York, (residential interiors) –  Architecture masterprize honourable mention award( Los Angeles) –  German design award winner 2020 –  Cyprus national architecture awards first prize 2019 –   EU-mies van der rohe award nominee 2021 –  A’ design gold award 2020 ( Italy) –  A’ design silver award 2020 (Italy) –  Big see architecture award 2019,2020 (Slovenia) –  S. Arch award  2020 ( Tokyo Japa) –  Building of the year archdaily nominated 2020 – European property award 5 star 2018 ( London).

You may contact the architect at christos.pavlou.77@facebook.com OR via email- cpa@netmail.com.cy , tel. +357 22680300.

  • christos.pavlou.77@facebook.com

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  2. Christos, hi, Katrin here. Just read about the Garden House in inhabitant. Amazing! Simple, fresh, airy, bright. Congratulations. It’s my absolute dream-house. In fact, I couldn’t dreamt it up any better. Was it built in Cyprus? Could I ask, order of magnitude, what the cost was? Is it poured-in place concrete, architectural concrete for floor/walls and double/triple glassing? Kitchen is naturally my fav place. Really, congratulations.

    • Hello Katrin, thank you for your nice words on our project. Yes it was built in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia . It cost around 320.000 euro. The structure is a mixed structure which means some columns are steel tubes and some are concrete columns hidden in the walls. The floors are poured-in place concrete, we used double glazing but thermal insulated window aluminium frames. Thank you again for your attention.

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